A digital marketing agency offers B2B services that include a wide variety of marketing services. These services most often include social media marketing, search engine marketing, graphic design, SEO, content and strategy creation, and website design and development. Therefore, when thinking about whether you will be better off hiring some in-house, you need to consider that you will have to hire a specialist for each of those areas. Sure, when posting the job you may come across a jack of all trades, however, you may be left with a master of none.

Is it better to do your digital marketing in-house or partner with a digital marketing agency?

We’ve made a list of some of the reasons that hiring an agency can be beneficial, especially for businesses looking to supplement a single in-house marketer:

Lower costs

1. Lower Costs

A full in-house group requires significant overhead, including salaries, benefits, office space, equipment, training, recruiting, and more. An external agency can be one of the largest line items in a marketing budget, and because of that can be an easy target for cuts and renegotiations. All things considered; a digital marketing agency is usually the most cost-effective solution for high-quality marketing work. For the same price as one or two full-time salaries, you gain access to a complete team of professionals across multiple marketing specialties.
skills and experience

2. Experience and Skills

By hiring a digital marketing agency, you now get an entire team with experts in different areas who often have years of experience and industry knowledge. It’s the perfect mix of skills needed for your objectives! On this team, you will have dedicated strategists who will scour the industry, market, competition, and trends for you and provide you with a strategy that is best suited for your business and needs.

Focus on the business and growth

3. Focus on the Business and Growth 

Do you really have the time to spend training a brand new team? Or even worse, do you really have the time to handle all the digital marketing yourself? Let’s face it, you don’t.

An agency can make this process very smooth and easy for you. While communication is very important, we don’t require a ton of meetings or phone calls and will try to make our partnership as convenient as possible for you! When it comes down to it, all we need are your goals and timelines, and, depending on how much or little you’d like to be involved, some decision-making. This gives you the ability to focus on other aspects of the business and play more of an overseeing role.


4. Creativity

One of the greatest advantages that collaborating with an agency can offer is their creativity and objectivity. Keeping all marketing efforts in-house can sometimes lead to groupthink and tunnel vision. A digital marketing agency isn’t influenced by any internal biases or assumed knowledge, so it’s easier to distill a clear message to the target audience. Internal teams often have such in-depth knowledge that they try to say too much, and the core message is lost on the audience.


5. Latest Trends

The digital marketing industry never sleeps and is constantly evolving and changing. It is our job and responsibility to stay on top and always be aware of the latest trends. This could include platform updates and changes, new policies, algorithm updates, social media tactics, email marketing trends, video content, new strategies, … the list is endless.

Here at Marketing Turf, we truly do consider our clients partners and we look at their business as our own. We follow one simple principle, to perpetually solve for opportunity and we have a deep passion for succeeding for each and every one of our clients. We value open communication and will work together with you hand-in-hand.

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