Regardless of newer marketing channels popping in recent years, email marketing still stays at the top of the game. It is ranked as the most popular communication only second to text messages.

You may want to grow your small business through email marketing but have not tried it yet. With increasing competition, success depends mainly on what email marketing hacks and techniques a company uses.

To be relevant among your target audience, you need a logo design for effectively branding your email templates.

To level up your marketing game, try these five email marketing hacks.

What Are Email Marketing Hacks?

Before diving into the email marketing hacks, let’s get to know what they mean.

Marketing hacks are usually used by small businesses and startups to gain quick and effective results.

Essentially, hacks are any shortcut, trick, or skill that improves efficiency and productivity in a short time significantly. Mostly, startups or small businesses do not have the budget or time to experiment with marketing.

They also need to attract more customers, retain the existing ones and increase conversions to grow their business. Hence, email marketing hacks are the perfect solution that results in higher customer engagement and revenue.

Email marketing hacks are primarily designed keeping in mind the small business but can be used by any organization at any level.

Five Must-Try Email Marketing Hacks For Boosting Your Business Growth In 2022

Right Subject Line

The most significant thing that can take your email marketing to the next level is the subject line. It is your only chance to make an unforgettable impression on your reader.

According to statistics, on the sole basis of the subject line, 33% of people open the emails, and 69% put the email in spam. Hence, now you have an idea of how vital your email’s subject line is.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for an awe-inspiring subject line:

  • Personalize the tone and write it as if you were talking to another person.
  • Do not put catchy slogans, instead write fascinating facts and statistics.
  • Ask questions and avoid any spelling mistakes.

Social Media Integration

Integrating email marketing with social media can do wonders for your business if done correctly. Many businesses have a form for signing up for email marketing. Apart from this, it is vital to collect data from social media in the form of pop-ups.

If you have a good following on, say, Instagram, you can attract your followers to subscribe to your emails by giving special discounts to email subscribers only.

You can also add pictures of your most impactful emails and create curiosity among followers on what they are missing out on. Similarly, if you have a massive email list but little social media attention, put your social media links in your emails.

Automating Email Marketing

A small business owner does not have the flexibility to hire a separate employee for handling marketing or the time to manage it 24/7 themselves. To counteract this issue, email marketing automation is your best bet. It can prove to be an asset for your business by saving time and attracting more traffic. Though you may have to invest a bit in automation software, the payback will be much more rewarding.

According to a survey, more than 64% of marketers automate email marketing. Email marketing automation can nurture existing customers and grow the customer base with personalized templates, tailored messages, and timely emails.

Incorporate Storytelling

Nowadays, no one has the time to go through a boring piece of informational text. So, what can you do to convey your message to your audience? Yes, discounts are a good incentive, but it is not feasible in the long run for your business.

It takes only 10 seconds for a reader to make up their mind on reading the rest of the email or not. To hook them, incorporate storytelling in your message.

Create content like a novelist to engage your customers and keep them on the edge of their seats for more. Even if it is an email with no meaningful content, storytelling can make it catchy.

Optimizing Marketing with Smartphones

Do you know that more than 58% of people go through their emails right after waking up? And an email that is not readable on their smartphone is bound to go to spam.

Therefore, if your business’s emails are still not compatible with smartphones, then it is time you look into this matter.

Over half of the people can not be left and ignored; this can create a dire outlook for your business.

Your emails should be optimized for both smartphones and computers to keep in mind both the target audience.

Similarly, it will be a good idea to optimize your website as well for smartphones.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing has massive scope for improvement. Every once in a while, there is a new hack that revolutionizes marketing.

Hence, to keep your business on the path of growth, apply the above email marketing hacks. Be consistent, and in no time, you will see impressive results.